About our company

ProdSnack has collected in one place all the variety of food products with different national flavors. The factories of our suppliers are located in Russia, Armenia and Uzbekistan. The production facilities are organized in such a way that the ingredients used in our dishes arrive at the factory as quickly as possible. This allows you to provide really high-quality products that can be served to guests, and be sure that each of them will be satisfied and will come to your table again and again.
Приготовление еды
Proven Recipe,
No Additives Used
Natural ingredients
Food safety control systems
in production
Strict quality control
Traditional dishes of the people, spread far beyond their homeland - this is what
we are proud of!
We don't just use the "ECO" prefix in most of our company's products. By purchasing our products, you get an environmentally friendly product prepared without the use of harmful additives, because we are sure that healthy food not only can, but should be tasty. Our technologists have worked out the recipe of each dish in detail, adding to them the aroma of the people who invented this dish.
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